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How to write a Lab Report

Beakers and Flasks
We want to help our students to feel more confident themselves when doing their lab work tasks. To complete this inconvenience we have made this. Enjoy and use it every lab work.
  1. Laboratory Work #
  2. Topic ...
  3. Purpose (Aim): given by teacher in the beginning of the lab
  4. Equipment: students write it themselves. These are things you've used in the process of the lab work.
  5. ProcedureThis is an overview of the report containing key information from the main sections. You should include brief statements about what and how you've done during the lab. Describes the methods and procedures used; clearly explains the methodology so that it could be replicated (repeated) by another students.
  6. Result: Presents the results of the experiment; uses an equation editor with correct mathematical symbols if the results involve numbers and equations; includes clearly labelled figures, tables and graphs where appropriate. 
- I understood that ... - We proved that ... - As a result we ...
7. Conclusion:
  • analyses and interprets the results, showing how these relate to the scope of study
  • states conclusions about how the results confirm, verify, or support the hypothesis, or refute, negate, or contradict it. Hints: - paraphrase aim in past tense with explanation (answer the question why?); - to summarise; - thus; - therefore; - similarly; - to sum up briefly. “I can conclude that ...”, what’s more; in addition; furthermore.

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