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Insect European Earwig theory. 7th grade

Hey there everybody!
Read the text and answer the questions.
Insects are arthropods with jointed appendages, segmented bodies, and an exoskeleton composed of chitin. Insects are the largest and most diverse group of animals on earth. The Forficula auricularia (European earwig) is native to Europe, western Asia, and northern Africa, but has been introduced to North America, Australia and New Zealand. In the male the cerci (forceps) are strongly curved whereas in the female they curve only slightly.
Insects have three body regions (head, thorax, & abdomen), 3 pairs of legs attached to the thorax, a single pair of antenna attached to the head, mouthparts adapted for chewing or sucking, and two pairs of wings. Some insects may have a single pair of wings or be wingless. Insect legs are often adapted for digging, crawling, jumping, or swimming. The insects are mostly terrestrial; they breathe air which enters small lateral openings on the body called spiracles and circulates in a system of ducts to all organs and tissues.
  1. What system do spiracles open into on a European earwig?
  2. How can you determine the gender of your Forficula auricularia?
  3. Which region of the insect's body is specialized for sensory functions? Explain your answer.

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