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Classroom Lab Work. 8th Grade. Sense of Touch

Hey there everybody. Share with you lab report of "Sense of Touch" laboratory work which you perform at class. Enjoy!
Just to keep in Mind:

  • Lab report of yours has to be in PAST tense
  • Conclusion explains methods of how you've done exact lab work by comparing and contrasting PURPOSE and RESULT stages
  • Your lab report has to be absolutely clean and easy to read if you want to get best grade

Title: Sense of touch
Purpose: To identify different sensitivity of skin on different parts of the body. To improve verification skills by negotiation with classmates.
Equipment: 3 beakers labeled A, B, C; marbles; a blindfold to cover the eyes of the person; sharp wooden rods.
Background: Skin consists of two layers, the epidermis and the dermis. The upper layer of the epidermis is composed of nonliving cells containing keratin. The dermis provides structural support for the epidermis and a matrix for the many nerve endings, muscles and specialised cells located within the skin.
A. What is hot? What is cold?
1. Pour water at different temperatures in each of the 3 beakers:
Beaker A: about 10°C
Beaker B: about 25°C
Beaker C: about 45°C
2. Place the fingers of your left hand into beaker A and the fingers of your right hand into beaker C. Keep your fingers in the water for about 30 seconds.
3. Remove both hands at the same time and put them into beaker B.
4. Explain what you feel and why.
B. What do you feel with the tips of your fingers?
  1. Cross your fingers and roll a marble as teacher shows you. You can touch the tip of your nose instead of the marble.
  2. Explain what you feel.
C. Does your brain control your fingers?
  1. Work in pairs. One will perform the experiment, the other will be the subject of the experiment.
  2. Turn your palms out, cross your arms, intertwine your fingers, and bend your elbows without separating your hands, as teacher shows you.
  3. The student performing the experiment points to one finger of the subject person without touching it. The subject should immediately try to move that finger. Repeat two or more times.
  4. What has happened? Explain.
D. Sense of Touch.
  1. Cover the eyes of the student who is the subject of the experiment.
  2. Touch him with wooden rods. He should indicate whether you touched him with one or both points of the rods by saying, “one”, “two”, or “I don’t know”. Find the shortest distance at which person feels two points by changing the distance between these two points. Occasionally touch with one rod instead of two.
  3. Investigate sensitivity in three different parts of the body:
  1. Forehead
  2. Fingertip
  3. Outer surface of the upper arm
4. Fill the table.
5. Explain the anatomic reason for having different sensitivities in different parts of the body.
6. Why do babies put everything into their mouths?
Part of the body
The shortest distance at which person feels two points


Outer part of the upper arm

Conclusion: Write usual conclusion and answer questions:

  1. What are the receptors found in the skin and their functions?
  2. Why is there misperception in the sense of touch?

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