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How To Write THE BEST Lab Report

Hey there, everyone. It’s time to share with you my vision of how to write a lab report clearly and concisely. Here below is a sample of a usual lab report. We did the lab with the 8th graders. Use and enjoy!
Title: Sense of touch
Purpose: To identify different levels of skin sensitivity on different parts of the body. To improve verification skills by communicating with classmates.
Equipment: 3 beakers labeled A, B, C; marbles; a blindfold to cover the eyes of a person; sharp wooden rods.
Background: Skin consists of two layers, the epidermis and the dermis. The upper layer of the epidermis is composed of nonliving cells containing keratin. The dermis provides structural support for the epidermis and a matrix for the many nerve endings, muscles and specialised cells located within the skin.
A. What is hot? What is cold?
1. We poured water at different temperatures into each of the 3 beakers:
Beaker A: about 10°C
Beaker B: about 25°C
Beaker C: about 45°C
2. I inserted the fingers of my left hand into beaker A and the fingers of my right hand into beaker C. I kept my fingers in the water for about 30 seconds.
3. Then I removed both hands at the same time and put them into beaker B.

B. What do I feel with the tips of my fingers?
I crossed my fingers and rolled a marble as the teacher had demonstrated to us. We did it with our eyes shut. The ensuing sensations were interesting to explain.
C. Sense of Touch.
1 My friend Petya was the subject of the experiment. We blindfolded him. 
2 I touched him with two wooden rods. He indicated whether he felt the touches with a single or both rods at the same time by saying either “one” or “two”, respectively. Then we found the shortest distance at which Petya felt the two points of touching. We managed to do so by varying the distance between these two points.
3 We examined sensitivity in three parts of the body:
a Forehead
b Fingertip
c Outer surface of the upper arm
4. We exchanged our roles and conducted the experiment on me. Then we filled in the table below.
Part of the body
The shortest distance at which person feels two points
12 mm
2 mm
Outer part of the upper arm
7 mm

Result: We carried out all the stages of the lab work correctly.
While conducting part A I inserted my fingers into different beakers and felt differently with my left and right hand after I had put them into beaker B. My left hand felt warmer but the right one felt cooler than the left one.
In part B I rolled a marble with different parts of the fingers the way the teacher had demonstrated to us. I felt that different parts feel differently. It was strange to feel confusion while rolling the marble with my eyes closed. It was as though I was touching two marbles at the same time!
In part C we discovered the sensitivity of the skin on different parts of the body. My conclusion was that fingertips are much more sensitive than other body parts. 
Conclusion: In part A the left hand felt warmer but the right one felt cooler than the left one after I inserted them into beaker B. I think it was partly because our skin has many receptors underneath and these receptors feel differently after exposure to different conditions. It is also possible that the brain itself could not sense correctly, what was going on.

In part B and C I felt that different parts of my skin feel differently. I think it was the result of using some skin areas (like fingers) more often than, for example, forehead skin or upper arm skin. My body is very efficient and it does its job wonderfully. Point proven.

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