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Blood Laboratory Work. Report.

Here below is a Blood Structure And ABO System lab report. We do the lab with the 8th graders. Enjoy!
Title: Blood structure and ABO blood system.
Purpose: to get familiar with the structure of blood; to identify different blood cells from one another; to get familiar with ABO blood system conception.
Equipment: blood sampling scarifier, alcohol napkins.
Background: ABO blood group - blood-type classification based on the presence or absence of A and B glycoproteins on the erythrocyte membrane surface. Erythrocytes - (also, red blood cell) mature myeloid blood cell that is composed mostly of hemoglobin and functions in the transportation of oxygen and carbon dioxide. Leukocyte - (also, white blood cell) colourless, nucleated blood cell, the chief function of which is to protect the body from disease. Plasma - in blood, the liquid extracellular matrix composed mostly of water that circulates the formed elements and dissolved materials throughout the cardiovascular system. Platelets - (also, thrombocytes) one of the formed elements of blood that consists of cell fragments broken off from megakaryocytes.

Result: We carried out all the stages of the lab work correctly.
While conducting part A …
In part B …
Conclusion: In part A … I think it was … It is also possible that the brain …

In part B … I think it was the result of … Point proven.

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